Finding Personal Freedom

In America, we might think of freedom as not being ruled by another country. Or not being in prison. But freedom is also a state of mind. How many of our thoughts are really our own? What are the things we do because we think they're what we're supposed to do them? Someone is going to judge us. Someone will not approve. We will fail if we do things a different way. Why do we think this? There are many reasons. We make decisions about how we think things are supposed to be based on our society, the things we see on television, on social media, or from someone who conditioned this limited way of thinking in our pasts.

When we think about freedom as having the power to do what we want or think what we want, the reality is we need to find what we really want deep in our hearts. We need to let go of anything that doesn't belong to us. Because old beliefs create blockages that limit our experiences in life and keep us from being our authentic selves.

Starting today, let go of who we think we're supposed to be. When we find ourselves in a self-defeating thought (i.e., I'm not good enough, what will other people think), here's what we can do:

1) Recognize it. When we recognize it, it loses its power. And be gentle with ourselves. This practice takes time for releasing old thought patterns, and that's OK.

2) Release it, let it go.

3) Replace it with you. (i.e., I am good enough. I can do anything I set my mind to.)

We can begin calling out a couple of these old thought patterns as we move throughout the day.

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