Rev Up the Passion this February

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

For many, Valentine’s Day is about expectations and unmet needs and desires. If this is you, I’m here to help you learn to love this time of year. We’ve seen the romantic comedies where the woman is down on her luck, feeling broken and rejected. Then enters the man who saves her, showing her all she is, telling her everything she ever wanted to hear.

It sounds nice to have someone save us, but in truth, this is a fantasy. When we feel broken and bruised we attract more of the same, someone who wants to fix us, or no one at all. When we feel beautiful, love ourselves as we are, and remember we don’t need anyone else to complete us, that’s when more of this true love enters our lives.

Whether in a relationship or single, you can have everything you ever wanted this Valentine’s Day. It’s time to fall in love with yourself, in that ooey gooey, head-over-heels, romantic sort of way. Here is where you honor yourself. You love everything about yourself exactly as you are, inside and out. Think of all you’ve overcome, your strength and beauty. See what you perceive as your flaws as your character. They are part of what makes you, you, and no other. You can love all of you the same.

Here are some ideas for helping you fall madly in love this Valentine’s Day:

  • Write a letter, poem, or make a card for yourself. Confess everything you love about yourself. Every tiny little detail. Be on the outside looking in. Think of all those inner and outer qualities you love, but also the little habits you find yourself doing, like laughing 5 minutes after the joke is over, wiping your plate clean after a good meal, or the way the toothpaste tube has to be squeezed just right.


I suggest a cyclamen, which blooms in February and can be found at your local hardware store this time of year. More about this romantic flower here.

  • Wear what makes you feel good. Fix your hair the way you like it. Notice all the beautiful details of your body when you bathe or put on lotion.

  • Have a special date just for you, no one else is invited. This could be an elegant meal, a bubble bath, some time alone doing something you love, or all three. Include sensual things you like, such as wine or champagne, chocolate, and music for ambience. Don’t forget the happy ending.

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