The Gift Behind Childhood Trauma

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Throughout our lives, we are faced with hardship, trauma, and pain. These cause suffering, which is passed down throughout our lineage, sometimes called our curse. The curse is the stories our families tell us that aren’t true. The stories are reinforced through our bloodlines, and if we believe and adopt the curse, it keeps us small. The suffering can cause illness or disease, emotional pain, and limited thinking. It inhibits us from being our most authentic selves.

We are born innocent, seeing the world through a fresh lens. Then, out of love and the best way they know how, our families guide us and teach us how to perceive the world around us. Often fear is part of this lesson. We are often taught to obey the rules or else physical or emotional pain will be inflicted on us. Fear is the biggest curse that is fed to us from generation to generation. Some of these may sound familiar:

Trust me, I know better than you.

Keep your mouth shut and your ears open.

You NEVER listen to me.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Stop crying, or I’ll give you something to cry about.

When we hear these things, we lose confidence in who we are. We believe others must know better than us, and our sense of self worth is forgotten. We fear the world around us, losing trust in ourselves and others. We are taught to be obedient, rule followers. We develop a thick exterior to guard our gentle hearts. Eventually we lose track of who we are and what it is we truly want in life, conditioned to always please others. This stays with us into adulthood. The skin is so thick, even we can’t see or feel through it.

What does this all mean? Why are we here? Why must this pain be inflicted on us? The truth is, we are all divine white light, and in order to truly embrace this we experience darkness. The darkness we encounter in our lives through our family curse or elsewhere helps us decide who we are. It’s only through this pain that we can find forgiveness, the blessing of the curse. Through forgiveness, we are able to mend our hearts, start new, and heal our generational curses. Here’s a parable that beautifully illustrates this idea.

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