The Key to Abundant Living

In our busy lives, we tend to invest most of our time and energy in our day-to-day routines around work and family. We sometimes feel bogged down with the tasks involved with keeping these afloat like paying bills, getting through the next project at work, helping with homework, folding laundry, etc. We can get so caught up in these tasks that we forget to allow ourselves to dream. What is it you strive for? Take a few moments to connect with what you want, what more abundance is for you. It could be a new car, a job or promotion, more money, better health, a relationship, or a new home. Or, it could be less tangible such as joy, more free time, love, relaxation, peace, or freedom.

To receive abundance is to live abundantly, knowing deep inside you are worthy of everything you desire. The world is a dark place full of corruption, illness, and disaster. Or, the world is a beautiful place with limitless abundance, compassion, and connection that links us all together to eternal love and light. Which world would you rather live in? Fear, envy, suffering, or love, freedom, and connection? When you choose the latter, that’s when you really start enjoying life and experiencing abundance. Energy has no emotions or opinions. We decide if something is happy or sad, good or bad. Through that lens is how we experience the world. Is a hot, sunny day unbearable, or can you enjoy the warmth of the sun glowing on your face? Is a rainy day terrible, or can you feel the rain drops on your skin and feel alive? Or maybe it’s just nice to have time to stay inside and rest. This isn’t to say we need to always love the weather, or ignore our challenges or the problems in the world. Rather, we are aware of our energy and face challenges from a standpoint of abundance rather than lack. It’s all perspective. What life offers us is what we bring to it. Our experiences are a mirror of our inner thoughts and feelings, including our limitations.

To live in abundance, gaze in awe at the millions of stars in the sky. Treat yourself to a warm bath with a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Spend time doing what you love with the people you love. Once you embrace this abundance, nothing can stop you from getting what you want or better in your life!

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