Why it's OK to be "Selfish"

There's a common misconception that prioritizing our own needs brings us out of God's light, that we should give and help others freely even at the detriment to our own souls. In actuality, we can't effectively give unless we feel whole and abundant ourselves. Otherwise, we're simply looking for acceptance and love outside of ourselves, acting from lack and a void rather than love. It's important to remember we are all ONE. Because of this connection, when we strengthen our love of self, we strengthen love for all, especially for those closest in our lives.

Here's an example. Your schedule is stacked up between work, moving kids to extracurricular activities, and handling the responsibilities of life, and this leaves you stressed and overwhelmed. At the end of the day, you have no energy to play with your kids. When you run into a store, you can barely look at the cashier, much less ask her about her day. Think about the waterfall of events that can potentially happen from these seemingly small moments if your heart had space for joy.

The lesson is to strive to achieve balance and harmony in our lives, through prioritizing our individual needs first. This is finding time in the day, every day, to nurture our spirits in some small way. Say no more often to things that do not bring us joy, and yes to the things that do. Once we do this, love and service to others pours fluidly from our hearts, leaving us feeling gratified.

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